Antago 250g

Antago 250g


Purchased from our good friends Shared Source.

Our first Ethiopian lot to land in 2017. From the subregion of Atnago, this lot comes to us through our good friend Hayatudin Jemal.

Purchased directly from Hayatu’s family estate, ‘Fahem’. Hayatudin works with 315 traditional farmers from two kabelas (townships) surrounding Fahem Estate. He buys their cherries at high prices and processes them as he does his own, separating lots by harvest date and by micro-region. The cherries are depulped, fermented for 12 hours under water, and then washed using a water-saving demucilager.

Atnago is quite far from the traditional Limu growing region - and is a unique and undiscovered profile. Hayatudin’s neighbours would have to travel very far with their cherries to reach the nearest cooperative. This was a direct purchase by Shared Source from Hayatu - his selection represents just 57 farms, Hayatu has provided a detailed list of all the farmers involved. 

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