Chelba 250g

Chelba 250g


Purchased from our good friends Shared Source.

The name Chelba refers to a small town in the Yirgacheffe region, and this is a washing station lot from that town’s vicinity. As with most coffees from Ethiopia, this lot is made up of heirloom varieties.


Sourcing coffee in Ethiopia can be something of a challenge – while you can purchase directly from estates, the smaller co-op lots and washing stations such as this one are much harder to purchase from directly. 


Teddy, who manages BNT Trading in Addis Ababa, secured this particular lot for us. BNT is an exporting agent who secures lots from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), the auction system where the majority of Ethiopian coffee is sold. The ECX system unfortunately doesn’t allow for a lot of transparency – there has been talk of geo-tagging being introduced to help with this issue, but it’s yet to be a reality in day-to-day trading. 


Fear not, however – Ethiopian coffee is notorious for its high quality and largely organic practices across the country. Farmers in the Yirgacheffe region also receive the highest price for cherry in all of Ethiopia, paid in birr - Ethiopia’s currency - per kilogram of cherry delivered. 

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