Dika Gabe

Dika Gabe


Dika Gabe is a co-operative washing station in the Oromia region of east Ethiopia. As part of new breakaway Sor Geba FCU, Dika Gabe is openning the doors to smaller buyers like Shared Source and improving from an almost non existant level of tracability in the Oromia Region, to collabortating with small buyers on specific lots.

Ethiopia has long been plagued by drought and washed coffee is far less common in lesser known areas.
Technoserve (a part of USAID) has been providing “Eco-pulpers” to small co-op stations around Ethiopia for the past few years. In an effort to increase the quality of the cup, without the need to drastically increase water consumption.

Dika Gabe is a Technoserve funded co-op and uses this drought friendly demucilager to produce a stunning, floral coffee that rivals almost any coffee we’ve tasted from anywhere in Ethiopia

Much love.

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