Harold Pajoy - Colombia Lot 250g

Harold Pajoy - Colombia Lot 250g


Purchased from our good friends Shared Source. www.sharedsource.co

Harold Pajoy – Harold farms a small and very steep parcel up near his parents house/menagerie on the top of the mountain – it’s a sweaty two-hour trek from the house, Harold is maybe two seasons shy of eliminating store bought fertilisers all together.

Monday’s Colombia lot: Picked at 15 brix, cherries floated and hand sorted, left in cherry for 12 hours overnight - this ‘cherry ferment’ is essentially anaerobic and is a great way to increase the sweetness of varietals like Colombia that genetically have less mucilage than the older Caturra cultivar. The following morning the cherries were depulped, followed by 12 hours anaerobic fermentation in Grainpro bags. Before washing the Brix reading was still high at 12. With a traditional open ferment the brix would have read a lot lower after so many hours (around 5 we have seen, and mucilage tastes sour and off). This technique allows full fermentation to take place but without the risk of losing so much sugar that spoilage bacteria occur.

500 kilos of dry parchment total.

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