Jhon Freddy 250g

Jhon Freddy 250g


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Fredy is a highly respected community member and completely independent of any private exporter or government entity, He’s also the only Colombian we know who works at our pace! We are proud to buy the entirety of his farm’s production this year and offer him financial security as he puts his three daughters through agricultural college so they can take over the family business and allow Fredy to do what he loves best: roaming the countryside helping fellow small producers farm better, increase quality, and sell their coffee at great prices…to us!


High in the hills of Nataga, Huila, Jhon Fredy grows Caturra and a hybrid varietal unique to his farm, an on-site cross between an old Typica and a newer Colombia that has heirloom aromatics and is resistant to rust, he has eponymously named it FH. A man who loves acronyms, the farm is called Mamola – an amalgamation of the names of his three daughters. Fredy doesn’t use any chemical sprays and makes his own biodynamic fertilizer on-farm using organic compost and microorganisms. These products fertilise, protect from disease, and improve microbial populations in the soil.

His caturra is fully organic and his FH is nearly there, being weaned FH off conventional ferts. His dryer has a small automated fan that keeps temperature and humidity down and has greatly improved the shelf life of his coffee – it’s a controlled drying at optimum temperature and humidity, ensuring water evaporation is linear and not up and down depending on ambient air moisture (caused by rainfall and dew).


Caturra anaerobic ferment

Fredy experimented with an anaerobic fermentation in Grainpro bags - cherries are depulped without water and put straight into bags. Anaerobic fermentation allows a slower ferment and maintenance of sugars (measured using a brix meter) without the introduction of oxygen and spoilage bacteria. There is also a whole other flavour profile as the yeats and bacteria that live in anaerobic environments are distinct and produce different amino acids (flavour precursors) as they decompose sugars in the mucilage. We’ve found the cup to be more transparent and delicate than the traditional open tank ferment and he now processes all of his Caturra in bags.

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