La Maravilla - Guatemala

La Maravilla - Guatemala


                           MAURICIO ROSALES – FINCA LA MARAVILLA

                                            PARCEL: LOS ARROYOS

                                           VARIETAL: 100% CATURRA

                                             ALTITUDE 1700-1750masl

                                 DRYING: SHADE COVERED AFRICAN BEDS

                                        Purchased From Shared Source 

This year we are delighted to have purchased a small microlot from our a supplier of consistently bloody good coffee, Mauricio Rosales.

Mauricio has been practicing exceptional quality control on his small Estate for many years, an insane amount of shade trees and incredibly high prices paid to pickers not the least of them.

His son Luis, an agricultural engineer, is introducing ingenious new methods: water saving and waste-water treatment; organic compost and reduced chemical fertilizers; and now raised-bed drying.

Mauricio has divided the farm into separate parcels of distinct varietals and altitudes. The power in buying separated parcels is maintaining the integrity of the very unique terroirs, all of which perform dierently in the fermentation tank.

This coffee is the result of fermention experiments carried out based on feedback from Alice and the team at Shared Source on last years coffees. We’re totally stoked with the results.

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