Jose Maria Florez

Jose Maria Florez


Say hello to Jose Maria Florez Vargas (a mouthful i know, but a delicious one none the less)

Originating from an area not just outside of Medellin, Antioquia. Jose’s farm Finca el Placer is located in the township of San Carlo and is just 0.7 hectares of 100% Caturra.

Jose uses a method traditonal to the area where 2-3 days of pickings are mixed in the ferment. This extended
ferment allows for maximum build up amino acids and further breakdown of sugars.

By adding the fresher days to the ferment, bacteria and yeasts have more “food” and a more complex flavour is achieved in the cup.

This particular lot from a tiny farm was earmarked by the Co-Op (COOCAFISA) to be sent to Bogota for the National Cup Competition. However our good buds Shared Sources swooped and in and offered Jose an offer he couldn't refuse.

This lot is not only tasty but it represents the sort of sourcing we really seek to encourage.

You’ll find Jose a little sweeter than our previous Colombian lots and a little less body, making it a fantastic filter.

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