Amihos Del Huila

Amihos Del Huila


Purchased from our good friends Shared Source.

A regional blend from Huila - from a portfolio producers, ecological farmers, all smallholders, and all paid handsomely. This initiative aims to provide economic security to our smallholders even when their coffees don’t quite make the cut as exceptional microlots. We’re pretty proud of this one and what is means on the ground.


Shared Source purchase all our Colombian coffee directly from the producer - when we say ‘direct’ we literally mean it: Shared Source pay smallholders in Colombian pesos, from their bank account to the farmers, or with a cheque, or with cash of they don’t have a bank account.


The producers involved in this blend are: 


Israel Rivera

Jhon Jairo Obregon

Jose Heider Contreras

Manuel Rojas

Osmel Jairo Liviano

Didier Javier Pajoy

Segundo Inga

Cecilia Cangrejo

Carlos Antonio Tole

Jaiber Joven Murcia

Avelino Erazo

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